Seriously Beautiful (And Affordable) Barn Wedding Venues

Seriously Beautiful Not to Mention Affordable Idaho Barn Wedding Venues

Seriously Beautiful Not to Mention Affordable Idaho Barn Wedding Venues

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means: barn weddings are among us! And you’re in luck. Guess what just made The Knot’s 2018 Real Weddings Study’s Least Expensive Place to Get Married?


That’s right; couples who chose to have their wedding at an Idaho venue last year spent an average of $16,366. And with the large amount of affordable rustic venues available, it’s not that much of a surprise. Oh, and the national average last year was $33,931.

This post explores some of our favorite barns in both Idaho and Washington and more generally why barns are the perfect place for not only affordable weddings but more personalized ones.

Rustic chic is alive and well

A majority of our wedding clientele entrust us to weave a rustic theme around their unique details. Antique décor, mason jars, split rail fences and country backdrops make barn venues the natural selection for many brides. And for many couples, especially younger ones, they tend to prefer comfort over formality.

Rustic chic is alive and well

Personalization is on the rise

Private vows, custom smells, favorite TV show motifs—couples more than ever want to share their personal love story. “Young couples today, more than their parents or grandparents, see a wedding as an expression of their identity,” writes Caroline Kitchener in The Atlantic’s article “Why is Everybody Getting Married in a Barn?” It turns out that barns are the ideal setting to make this expression because they can be casual, elegant and everything in between to match every couple.

Miles and miles of gorgeous scenery

There is a lot of common sense to this point, but farms generally sit on large acres of lush green land. Couples who choose to spend their special day there get a whole lot of incredible scenery. The intimacy and privacy that the natural farm life provides is priceless in their eyes.

Experienced farm hands

At Happy Day, we’re fortunate to be a part of many amazing barn weddings. Couples’ need for personalization allows us to really play with our culinary talents and craft menus according to their desires and dietary preferences. Some of our favorite venues include:

Mader Farm

Mader Farm is one of Idaho’s premier farm venues. The 3,500-square-foot location features decorative lighting, vinyl windows and wagon wheel light fixtures. Built over 100 years ago, it still boasts the building’s original beams and wood walls. The farm can easily accommodate 250 guests, with an outdoor space that can accommodate 400 plus.

The Barn at Mader Farm

Red Barn Farms

Red Barn Farms provides stunning natural scenery, four acres of landscaped grounds and an archway that creates an amazing backdrop for a wedding ceremony. The barn includes a bridal suite and groom’s room and newly renovated bathroom. Other perks include the covered patio where you can enjoy delicious drinks with your guests during cocktail hour, a cozy firepit area and ample parking.

Palouse Knot Barn

Palouse Knot Barn is another gem of a barn venue. Our team recently serviced a fall wedding at Palouse Knot Barn. It went extremely well, ending in happy clients and guests. We provided them with a rehearsal dinner for 30 people. For their reception, we provided a wholesome meal, china rental and three propane heaters to keep guests warm.

Palouse Knot Barn

If it’s your dream to get married in a beautiful barn, we know a few! Connect with us and fill us in on all your dreamy details!

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