Emilyn’s Open House-Style Backyard Graduation Party

Emilyn’s Open House-Style Backyard Graduation Party

Emilyn’s Open House-Style Backyard Graduation Party

“They’re growing up so fast!” This is the sentiment that so many of us experience when a special young person in our lives reaches their school graduation. It’s what the Sheppard family felt during Emilyn’s outdoor backyard graduation party. The young honoree’s day was filled with plenty of love, congratulations and delicious food.

An intimate party setup

Emilyn’s graduation involved 125 family members and friends. The family envisioned a low-key backyard party where guests could “stop in, have a bite to eat and wish the grad congratulations.”

The Happy Day event team arranged for a 20-by-20 tent to be set the day prior to the graduation party. The rentals team was in and out within two hours.

On the day of Emilyn’s party, event coordinator and event staff arranged food and drink stations, tables and chairs for guests and bookish decor.

Book Decor for Open House Graduation Party

The Sheppards requested a platter of fresh deli meats and cheeses, an assortment of mini quiches and crimini mushrooms. Place cards showcased Emilyn’s school colors with the “Class of 2018.”

Sliced Meat, Cheeses and Quiche with Custom Menu Signs

Sweet endings and future endeavors

The casual celebration ended on a sweet note. Dessert was a choice of cheesecake or vanilla buttercream cake. The sweetest part, though, was the smile on Emilyn’s face. It was a memorable day for everyone.

Buttercream Graduation Cake

Cheesecake at Dessert Station of Graduation Party

An “open house”-style graduation party like Emilyn’s is an easy, flexible way to arrange a party. And it can save you money, as you don’t typically have to account for as much seating as you would for something more formal.

Our team enjoys being a part of intimate moments in our clients’ lives. Our favorite part of the creation process is getting to learn more about the graduate—favorite subjects and activities, colors, foods and more. We use these details to cater a day that’s reserved for honoring the important grad. We take care of everything from creative stations to decor and any rentals guests may need.

Do you have any upcoming graduations? We can help you create a hassle-free day where people can come and go as they please! Connect with us!

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