Rentals That Will Enhance Your Corporate Event

Rentals That Will Enhance Your Corporate Event

Rentals That Will Enhance Your Corporate Event

Rentals are an essential piece to corporate events. The fun welcome signage, the balloons and linens, the popcorn machine, the fresh floral arrangements, the string lights strung from the ceiling—these may seem like small details, but they are the icing around your event. They’re what set the mood and draw people into an entire memorable experience that makes a statement about what’s important to you.

At Happy Day Catering, we have that extra piece you’re looking for. Northwest Event Rentals, a subdivision of Happy Day Catering, help us to ensure all your event needs are met. Here are some essential rental tips to consider for your next corporate event:

Create a polished atmosphere

It’s important to set the tone of your corporate event so that the moment your guests walk in, they feel welcome.

Let’s say you’re organizing a special award ceremony that acknowledges some of your industry’s brightest leaders. Or maybe you’re planning an open house to announce some of your exciting new offerings. Regardless of your corporate event, it’s important to create a scene that conveys the message your business wants to share with your professional peers.

String Lights Rentals at Corporate Events

What sort of lighting will create a warm, inviting mood—string lights or a chandelier? Which silverware and linens will match the theme you’re envisioning? Are there any fun backdrops you want to incorporate so guests can capture important memories? Our rental experts can help you design a day that moves and wows everyone who attends your corporate event.

Unique details and personalized decor

Many of the most memorable corporate events have their own unique flair to them. If you’re planning an award ceremony or gala for a special cause, by all means, roll the red carpet out! Maybe you’re planning an employee appreciation night. Treat them to a dessert cart full of delectable bites they’ll want to sink their teeth into. Over the years, we’ve collected a lot of unique objects that have served as the perfect props for our clients’ events. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’re sure we can find it.

Dessert Cart Rental

It’s all about the seating

Not every event has comfortable seating or enough of it. Especially for those events with a lot of guests, it’s important that you have enough comfy spots for everyone to relax, dine or listen to a speech or two. We recently had a customer appreciation dinner for 450 guests. The annual event featured: (2) 20×20 tents, (40) 60-inch round tables, 325 white folding chairs and (6) 6’ tables. The setup took approximately two hours for two of our team members.

Table Setting At Corporate event

At Happy Day Catering, we know the ins and outs of event setup. We’ll work you through floor plans and help you pick out the right size, number and type of furniture. The day of your event, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your guests to arrive; we’ll have everything assembled and set up without you having to lift a finger.

Consider partnering with professional caterers

Though this is not the case with every caterer, we believe it’s important to supply event assistance that goes beyond food. There are so many times when clients will wish for that little something extra in order to really create a unique setting and more personalized experience.

Over the years of creating corporate events, we’ve realized that rentals are an important extra piece for many of our clients, which is why we provide a rental discount to those who cater with us. We consider this to be an added value because we can typically pass along a discount if both rental and catering services are provided by our team.

We’d love to help you dress your upcoming corporate event and make it truly spectacular. We’d be happy to answer any question you have about our rentals or catering capabilities! Reach out today!

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