All About Menu 2020

It’s here! We are delighted to announce that our 2020 full menu is now available! Inside you will find a brand-new look, many new buffets and appetizers, fun boxed breakfasts to-go—and of course our customer favorites like baked chicken mostaccioli and bacon-wrapped meatballs.

{2020 HDC Menu Cover}

How did we get here to an updated menu? Happy Day Catering’s culinary and events teams spend all year making notes about our current menu, workshopping and refining along the way, and paying close attention to what our clients rave about the most. When December hits, we gather the teams to share our most-anticipated revisions and additions for next year’s menu, holding meetings and tastings to make sure everything is aligned.

This year we found our team was of one mind for our edits: global flavors here at home. HDC’s Kitchen Manager Samantha Mefford says, “We are so excited to roll out our updated menu! It is important to us to keep our menu fresh by not only providing client-favorite staples, but also bringing new global-inspired flavors to the table.” We have a little something new for both our adventurous palates and for those wanting interesting takes on old favorites, from India to Greece to the Caribbean and beyond.

A few highlights we are most enthusiastic about:

  • We take you down South for a new and improved Smokehouse BBQ menu for dinner and a Build-Your-Own-Shortcake bar for dessert,
  • Mango chutney adorns Jamaican jerk chicken with cilantro-lime rice on our lunch menu,
  • Mediterranean flavors take front and center with our Greek chicken skewers and Mediterranean veggie wrap, and
  • Get a taste of India with our pork curry, naan, and lots of other delicious items from the most interesting cuisine in the world.
{A taste of Italy with our antipasto platter}

At HDC, we also create custom menus for our clients based on their unique event needs. When those custom items get requested again and again, we want to make sure that all our clients have the opportunity to try it. This is how our Asian Fusion buffet made it to the main menu for 2020. Our tender honey garlic chicken thighs are now paired with Thai peanut beef skewers, stir fried rice and veggies, and steamed bao buns for a delicious addition to your own event.

Once all our changes are agreed on, costed out, and approved, we send off the revisions to our graphics team who has the challenge of creating an eye-catching and readable layout with all the correct new information. This year they knocked it out of the park with an elegant “elevated rustic” look, inviting our guests to envision beautiful, modern events that complement our community’s countryside ethos. HDC is a proud local Quad Cities business serving the region from Spokane to McCall, Joseph to Orofino, and we are excited to have our menu style reflect that sense of place, even as our menu flavors travel about the globe.

While our menu is changing up a bit, we still plan to maintain the same strong service as always. Operations Manager Eric Siegler adds, “After a successful 2019, our event staff is excited to continue strong into 2020. We expect the new year to bring out our staff’s professional work ethic, and new team members are eager to learn our standards and techniques so we can continue to bring our clients the best service in the Northwest.” When you host an event with Happy Day Catering, you can be sure that the quality of service will match the quality of the food 100% of the time. And with our updated menu, that quality is better than ever. We are looking forward to sharing all these delicious new items with you!

{Operations Manager Eric Siegler and Kitchen Manager Samantha Mefford are ready to bring the best service and culinary mastery in the industry to all your events}

You can learn more about what makes us the Best in the West and access our new menu at When you find something you love, please give us a call at (208) 743-0179 so we can help you plan your best event yet!

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