A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Party Planning Guide

When you gather with family and friends to celebrate everything you have to be grateful for, we want you to enjoy the moment to its fullest. To ensure you are able to create and enjoy a memorable Thanksgiving party, we suggest looking for ways to simplify the planning and execution of your gathering. And the best way to do this is to work with an experienced team of professionals who understand your event vision and how to plan it with ease.

Thanksgiving Party Planning
Based on over two decades of experience in delivering flawless catering to the Lewiston community and beyond, our staff developed this checklist to free you of any stress when hosting a Thanksgiving meal.

A Simple Thanksgiving Day Checklist

Map out your event

As you think about your vision for your Thanksgiving celebration, you may find yourself scribbling notes and even drawings. And this is great; keep it coming! As you go down your planning checklist, designing a visual representation of your event can be helpful to see how it will all come together. From seating, table arrangements, and buffets to backdrops and florals, the right rentals can transform your home to match your vision.

Our professional catering team can make sure you have enough tablespace, dishware, and serving platters to support your guest count. And of course, you should be able to count on them to add thoughtful touches inspired by the holiday season to round out the festivities.

Plan ahead

Psychologist Robert Epstein recently concluded that planning is the most effective stress management tool. To ensure you can approach your Thanksgiving Day event with confidence, start planning early. We suggest you first meet with your caterer to sort out what items you would like them to be responsible for and which dishes you and guests will take on. With a solid plan in place, you can focus on the fun aspects of bringing your loved ones together to celebrate.

Provide a warm welcome

A festive drink like hot apple cider paired with a comforting homemade appetizer will help guests feel at home as soon as they arrive. Guests can mix and mingle over festive food and drink, giving you more flexibility as to when you serve dinner. So add delicious greetings to your Thanksgiving Day menu checklist and scratch off the time pressure.

Graciously request help

We recommend ordering your entrée and a favorite side or two and then inviting each guest to bring their own favorite dish to complete the meal. This way your bases are covered no matter what guests choose to bring, from vegetables to cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie, and everyone gets to contribute to the gathering. More creative guests may even bring their kids’ favorite dishes or a special dessert, making your meal as unique as the guests around the table

Surprise and delight guests

A traditional holiday does not have to be predictable. In addition to the usual Thanksgiving Day fare, give yourself the freedom to design an original menu with a few more unique dishes. When you work with our knowledgeable chefs, experienced event producers, and the freshest ingredients around, you can create a menu with confidence. With our ever-popular sliced applewood-smoked turkey, sweet potato crisp, creamy garlic mashed potatoes, and stewed cranberry sauce on your Thanksgiving Day food checklist, will your guests also find something new and exciting?

Engage guests of all ages

While adults enjoy a full bar, invite kids to have a glass of cranberry punch while they partake in various arts and crafts. Likewise, you can make your holiday especially kid-friendly by creating a fun dessert table including some of our favorites, pumpkin cranberry stack, autumn apple crumb bars or pumpkin cranberry custard tarts. Everyone should feel included and valued all the time, but particularly on Thanksgiving Day!

Tip: Although children will likely stick together during the festivities, we also suggest setting up activities that bring together guests of all ages. If your venue has a sprawling lawn, a backyard “turkey bowl” football game might be just the answer for bonding teenagers with adults who are still young at heart.

Pamper yourself

With food, drink, family, and friends in abundance on Thanksgiving Day, why waste time in the kitchen cooking or organizing? With proper planning ahead, you can be sure all your energy gets to go to celebrating the day with your guests. So instead of getting stuck in cooking mode the morning long, why not relax with a walk or a warm cup of coffee, knowing all the details have been taken care of? This way you will be sure to have all your energy to enjoy your company and embrace the precious moments sure to come.

If you previewed our Thanksgiving menu, you probably already eyed some dishes you want to include in your Thanksgiving Day meal. But whether your checklist and menu are fully outlined and ready for execution or you are just getting started, our friendly staff can help you turn your holiday vision into reality.

To make planning your Thanksgiving Day a breeze, contact us online or give us a call at 208.743.0179.

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