“HDC Fuels the Fire {Camp}”

When a little spark turns into a big flame, hundreds of firefighters are deployed to battle the blaze. These brave men and women expend thousands of calories per day wearing heavy protective gear, carrying equipment through difficult terrain, and by simply being near the heat of the fire. When they are looking to rest up and fuel up, Happy Day Catering is there at Fire Camp to get everyone going again.

Fires might last a few days or a few weeks, meaning our stays at Fire Camp are unpredictable too. In 2017 we worked multiple smaller fires as well as the much larger Buck and Powerline fires near Avery, Idaho.

HDC senior staff members Paul Thomas and Gavin McCarter took responsibility for leading our rotating campground crews of up to eight people over the course of those camps. They coordinate all the elements that allow us to serve hundreds of meals in the mountains and the summer heat, no matter how long they are tasked to be there.

Sleeping in tents and working through the smoke, our cater teams ensure every firefighter gets exactly what they need to keep healthy and full for the safe discharge of their duties. We work from our 45’ mobile kitchen—a familiar sight to attendees of the Nez Perce County Fair or the NAIA World Series­­—giving us just the right space to provide varied high-calorie, high-protein meals. Firefighter-favorites include our shredded brisket, pulled pork, chicken cordon bleu, and especially tri-tip, one of our specialties.

Once the smoke clears and fire crews start heading home, so do we. We know that when the heat of the summer dries out the once-lush hillsides again next season, another blaze could pop up and we may be sent to feed everyone once again. HDC is proud to assist the men and women who give their energies to fighting the fires that threaten our communities and environment, and we are ready to serve when called.

{A special note of thanks goes to our many catering and corporate crew members who helped on the ground at a minute’s notice. Thank you to everyone who gave your time and energies to help 2017 Fire Camps run smoothly!}

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